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Published: July 4 at 20:20 BST

Ah, hello again. I think I must have forgotten to update the website again. Well, anyway. Things have been pretty interesting recently since my 18th birthday will be coming up in a matter of weeks. It's a strange thought, that within a few weeks I'll be a fully legal grown adult.

That being said, in Scotland the legal age of consent is 16 so whether I already was a legal adult is up for debate. But anyway, as the title implies this article was specially written because of the date. The 4th of July or July 4th. If you don't really understand history or have somehow never have happened to have heard of the country known as the United States of America then you probably won't know what I'm talking about, otherwise you have no excuse.

But Castle, I hear you ask. Why bring this up? You're not American, you're Scottish! You shouldn't really have to care about American holidays and such, just enjoy your own, like St. Andrews Day! Well, maybe you're right, but... something feels different about it this year. Last year and the years before, I was overly aware of the celebrations happening in the USA because of the presence of the Internet. When I still used Reddit (I have since become disillusioned with the site due to it's unpredictable and often unfair moderating standard, a story for another day.) I was flooded with pro-American messages of independece and FREEDOMMMMMMMMMM, but there isn't much of that at all this year.

I think there are several reasons, one of which being a cultural shift away from stereotypical American patriotism and towards a more liberal society. Another reason is that... I probably just spent more time outside today than on my computer, phone or other device that has access to the Internet. Yeah, yeah I know. Article title says one thing and he goes on to talk about technology or something stupid again. Well, I guess it has some relevance. Just sit tightly.

To me anyway, it's honestly amazing that technology has such a profound influence over modern day society. More people are becoming connected by the second through services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord and the like. But, I think technology and the Internet are double edge swords. There are plenty of things wrong with both of them, my point being is that society has become really dependent on it and it might not even function all that well without it anymore. People can now argue with someone they've never met before about a country they've never been to or met the people of. This in particular is strong with the American internet communities. It's strange how this country has such a vocal presence over the rest of the Internet to the point where some people are hearing of small local town stories that have been put on the international stage.

I think the point being is that once you remove that distraction from your life, you might not even notice what's happening around you. I barely thought about Independence Day right up until now because I didn't go on my phone or computer all that much today. Once I logged back into my computer, I was swiftly met with a barrage of American independence messages which is why I'm here right now typing this on my repaired ThinkPad W520 (really good laptop btw). To be honest with you, this article was probably just a massive ramble that wasn't really worth writing out, but still I think it's nice to come back and update this website every so often.

Now that I think about it, this was probably one of my more detailed pieces, if you want to call it that, that I have written for the site. This was pretty fun. Also to answer myself on my last article; no Castle, you haven't gotten bored of Animal Crossing and it will probably be a good while until you finally do. Also, for future me; finish the anime you were watching and actually update this site.

Well, with that out of the way I think it's about time I retire to the depths of the Internet once more. Until next time, dear friendly readers, this has been CASTLEGRAVE.

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