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Published: Mar 23 at 22:26 GMT

Well. It happened, just as I anticipated.

For those who don't have any idea what I am talking about, I'm referring to the complete lockdown of the UK. I've been wondering for a while when, or would it happen? And surely enough it did happen. It might be a hard life style to adapt to. I would probably find staying inside for nearly half a year to get very boring quickly, so I would try do other things. One such this was this website. In the first article, I mentioned I made this website as a way of counteracting the boredom of staying inside all the time with nothing to do.

And for the most part, it's worked! I've never really tried making journals or articles for people to read before, so this is all a new experience to me. I think however, I would still like to go outside. I like the outdoors, and cycling around and about.

I think that's just who I am. I don't spend all of my time inside like some people do, I try exercise with my brother when I have the opportunity. I make use of the bike I got for my birthday a few years back, especially when I went to school before it was closed. However, exercising isn't entirely off the table as the government will allow people to exercise once a day outside, meaning I could cycle or go for a jog. But that begs the question, why does the Government need to enforce these new rules? Are some people just that unaware of the situation unfolding in the world? Who knows, honestly, but I don't doubt that.

Only god knows what's in store for humanity after COVID-19, because it seems like humanity itself has no idea.

Whatever the future holds, hopefully we'll be prepared for it.

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